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Get help now and stop creditors from harassing you with phone calls. Prevent foreclosure, and protect your important assets.


Discuss debt relief with us, and we'll explain everything to you about your debt, including what you will be able to keep after filing for bankruptcy and what debts will need to be paid off.

It is important to note that an evaluation will be completed prior to filing for bankruptcy. We will go through all the details of your finances, including your income, assets, and debts, to find out what type of bankruptcy would be best for you.

Evaluating your current needs

Prevent annoying creditor calls

  • Consumer bankruptcy

  • Creditor harassment

  • Repossessions

  • Garnishments

  • Foreclosures

Smart, efficient bankruptcy advice:

Protect Your

Important Assets.



If you are seeking protection under the bankruptcy code, Michael J. Brooks Attorney At Law is here to assist you. Debt relief will be discussed with you, along with the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, to find the best course of action.

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